• High dusting: Vents, corners, lights
  • Low dusting: Chair legs, base boards.
  • Horizontal: Spot cleaning using micro fiber cloth,
    Desktops, pictures, computers.
  • Detailed: Overhead, behind computer & doors.
Empty trash cans :

Damp wipe and sanitize inside and outside and replace trash liners.

Empty and damp wipe ash trays.
Sanitize & polish drinking fountains
Dust and vacuum blinds
Clean refrigerator

inside and outside

Clean microwave

inside and out

Restroom Cleaning :
  • Clean toilet –top and bottom
  • Sink
  • Urinal – Top and bottom
  • Clean/disinfect shower stalls
  • Wipe down partitions
  • Clean fixtures, mirrors, countertops
  • Fill/refill supplies - toilet tissue,liquid soaps.tissues etc.
  • Removal of splash marks from around walls

Using push broom /Micro fiber dust mop

Damp Mopping:

Micro fiber flat mop / Mop head w/bucket wringer

Carpet Vacuuming:

Using upright vacuum or backpack doing corners, edges and under furniture.

Stairways & Landings:

Dust and spot clean all handrails, vacuum, remove litter and debris and damp mop

Light Fixtures:

Remove tubes/clean lens and reflectors and replace tubes.

Ceiling vents
Walls :

Washing and dusting walls

Window cleaning (Lower Level):

Glass would be cleaned on the outside and inside as well as screens and tracks as requested. We also do store front


Stripping, Sealing & waxing of vinyl, rubber floors.
Machine scrub tile and grout

Buffing :

High speed burnishing using 2000rpm machine or spray buff using 175 -350 rpm machine

Carpet cleaning:

Spot removal, hot water extraction, steam and dry method.